Following the launch of the Australian Aviation Security Act was the need to ensure and demonstrate that staff working within secure airport locations were displaying authentic and valid ID.

The Aviation Security ID Card (ASIC) is displayed by an individual who has passed the necessary background security checks and is used to gain unescorted access to secure areas of the airport.

The aim of the project was to:

  • Reduce unlawful interference with aviation
  • Try to eliminate the risk of terrorism
  • Reduce costs of secure escort
  • Provide a card with clear public recognition


Security Foiling were chosen to develop and provide a point of issue system that would apply the hologram onto the card in a secure manner, in this way the card was issued after the individual had passed the relevant security checks.

This process meant that there was no stock of secure cards and the hologram on the ID cards could be an easy and reliable authentication.

The holograms were applied with a MicroPOISE with single card feeder meeting the following criteria:

  • Robust casing to provide secure housing for the high security hologram
  • Sophisticated control system for auditing
  • Coded entry system to further secure the machine
  • Simple feeding system that ensured “right first time” hologram application
  • ASIO approved device
  • On demand application with no waste

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