National Driving Licence Teslin Core with PET Laminate



At the start of the project, Security Foiling were presented with a National Driving Licence which was constructed of a paper card body and laminated with a plain polyester laminate.

The Issuing Government had identified the following issues as a direct result of counterfeited Driving Licences:

  • Poor Driving Standards with high accident rates
  • Increase in uninsured vehicles
  • Increase in unlicensed vehicles (unpaid road fund duty)
  • Loss of revenue
  • Counterfeit Licences used to procure other documents.

The brief was clear and challenging: propose a system to secure Driving Licences within the existing framework with the minimum of financial outlay.

The existing issuance framework involved pre-printed sets of Licences personalised through a desktop printer in an A4 format, separated and then individually laminated through a standard desktop type printer.




We identified that Teslin would be a suitable substrate as it offers extremely good resistance when a counterfeiter attempts to alter the print. The Teslin was supplied in pre-printed A4 sheets with security print features including: registered UV, guilloche and micro text.


The Laminate was supplied with tamper evident print which transferred onto the Teslin substrate during lamination. This security feature not only offers tamper evidence but also prevents the laminate being removed and re-used.


The Teslin cards are authenticated by “Duogram” which is an applied OVD exclusive to Security Foiling. Not only does it allow multiple personalisation of the hologram but it is also extremely difficult to counterfeit and also survives the lamination process better than a standard OVD.

The Duogram was applied with a MicroPOISE Mk2 with Sentry PC interface. This allowed the Duogram to be applied in a secure environment without the risk of misappropriation of the Duogram



The Government now issues secure Driving Licences in a controlled manner which are highly resistant to counterfeit and tampering. In the short time the project has been running the Government has seen a significant increase in revenue and are confident that there other issues will start to diminish.

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