Security Foiling were tasked with providing a bespoke solution to place a hologram accurately onto a Quality Certificate. The Quality Certificate is for supporting credence for high value Diamond sales and had previously been counterfeited.



Security Foiling designed and manufactured two bespoke MicroPOISE Mk 2 machines with a vacuum feeding unit. This allowed the certificates to have the holograms applied with the following benefits:

  • Extremely accurate hologram position
  • High Volumes with up to 4, 500 hologram impressions per hour per machine
  • Clear machine control and audit through Sentry
  • Continuous production from the vacuum feeding unit
  • PC interface allowed high control of machine operation


The machines were delivered ahead of the customer’s expectations and the following quote is from the customer after their first production run: “The MicroPOISE Mk 2 systems with the Vacum feeding unit has provided a perfect solution for us giving secure application of the hologram onto our Diamond Certificates. The exact positioning of the hologram combined with the high volume capability of the machines is a real added value”

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