Securigrafix® is a metallic foil security feature applied to documents, plastic cards, currency or packaging for identification and authentication. The foil used can include specific image holograms as well as random image holograms (more commonly known as wallpaper design). Unique die designs and secure die manufacturing processes are combined to create visually attractive images. Conventional graphics stamping foils as well as security foils can be used to offer flexibility in both appearance and application.

Principal Advantages : When combined with specific foils, the image will appear as a dark area when photocopied, so protecting against copying. Attractive images can be designed to suit the application, the end user and the document. A tactile surface facilitates recognition of authentic documents. Attempts to alter or remove would be obvious to the eye. The effect can be machine readable. A wide range of hot stamping foils can be used allowing for regular changes of foil colour with minimal cost. Can be combined with holographic foils to increase security features or brand identity. Can be applied by most hot stamping presses using flat dies. Fast and secure design and manufacturing facility. Secure application service if required. Application equipment supplied specifically to apply Securigrafix®. Cost effective Typical Applications

Securigrafix is specifically designed to deter the criminal against forgery and copying but its bright, colourful and tactile feel also enhances the reputation and brand value of the documents and cards being secured.

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