The security solution for cheques

Standard IT equipment and easy to alter digital print have made cheques a profitable and open target for counterfeiters. For example in the UK alone cheque fraud in 2009 was estimated to be £30m with altered cheques accounting for £9m. Every forged cheque adversely affects the bank’s reputation and profits and supports organised crime.

Without optical security device and security print the cheques’ payee name and value are vulnerable to being altered and the cheques can be copied and forged – print and electronic security alone are insufficient. In addition, Cheque-SECURE increases the confidence in the banks cheques.

Security Foiling’s Cheque-SECURE solution offers a range of security features which are:

  • Easy to authenticate
  • Very hard to alter
  • Extremely difficult to copy

The optical security devices are specifically designed to deter the counterfeiter by protecting cheques against alteration, forgery and copying. The Optical Security Devices are bright, colourful and tactile with multiple viewing angles. They give vital instant authentication but of equal importance is the availability of forensic level features for the ultimate in fake detection.

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