Identity SecureIdentity-SECURE™

The security solution for ID cards

In the hands of a criminal an ID card gives access to buildings, money, goods,information and people. Every forged or copied ID card threatens national, business and personal security impacting on personal security, profits, revenue, reputation and brand status.

Without an optical security device an ID card is always vulnerable to counterfeit and alteration – print and electronic security alone are insufficient.

Security Foiling’s Identity-SECURE solution offers a range of security features which are:

  • Easy to authenticate
  • Extremely difficult to copy
  • Very hard to alter

Our Optical Security Devices are specifically designed to deter the counterfeiter by protecting Identity Cards against forgery and alteration, they are bright, colourful and tactile with multiple viewing angles which give vital instant authentication, but of equal importance is the availability of forensic level features for the ultimate in fake detection.

This solutions have been used to secure the Argentina ID card, please see our case study page for information.

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